American Horror Story
via FX

Following news that FX’s American Horror Story has been renewed through Season 9, we get the first details about the upcoming eighth season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the anthology series will be set in the future.

“It’s set in the future but not the theme,” he said earlier in the week. “The near-distant future. It’s a projection story.”

During Season 7, titled AHS: Cult, the series jumped back in time to chronicle the immediate aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. Previous seasons have taken place in the distant past (1950s and 1960s), but none have jumped ahead into the future.

“It’s different from what we’ve done before,” Murphy says.

He also says that Season 8 will not be the anticipated Murder House-Coven crossover, but says it will probably happen in Season 9.

Season 8 of American Horror Story is expected to air in the fall, with Sarah Paulson in the lead role.