Netflix Bright Sequel
via Netflix

Upon its release before Christmas, Netflix’s original movie Bright was seen by more than 11 viewers in the first three days. Following its success, Netflix has announced that a sequel has been given a green light.

The streaming platform made the announcement with a hilarious video of orcs auditioning for a role in the second film.

According to Variety, both Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will return to reprise their roles, while David Ayer will write and direct the second installment.

With its viewership numbers, Bright is Netflix’ highest-viewed original film ever. However, it was less popular than Season 2 of Stranger Things.

In the film, Smith and Edgerton are LAPD police officers — one human, one orc, respectively. They are paired together in an alternate universe, where fantastical creatures like orcs live alongside humans.

Bright reportedly cost $90 million to produce.

Further details about the sequel are currently unknown.