Chris Brown Got a “Mortal Kombat” Head Tattoo

Chris Brown Mortal Kombat Head Tattoo
via Instagram / Rafael Valdez

Chris Brown kicks off 2018 with some new ink… on the side of his head.

Tattoo artist Rafael Valdez revealed the new tattoo on Instagram, which was inked intot he left side of Breezy’s head, above his left ear.

The character of Sub-Zero, from the iconic video game franchise Mortal Kombat.

In the photo, you also notice a tattoo on the back of his head. It’s not new. Brown previously had Venus de Milo and a bull tatted, which you can see a portion of in the image.

“The bull symbolizes the Taurus I am and the Aphrodite, the Goddess of all women,” he explained back in 2016. “My stubbornness always makes me attracted to those types of females. So that’s me [the bull] chasing Aphrodite.”