via Instagram / Skillz

It’s just two days into 2018 and we have beef. This time, it’s between Skillz and Uncle Murda over their year-end wrap-up songs.

Uncle Murda kicked his “Rap Up 2017” with a shot at Skillz, saying no one wanted to hear the originator’s version.

After both dropped their songs, Skillz followed with a direct diss track called “Murda Gram”… and pulls no punches. “Uncle Murda, what’s all the games about? / N*gga, keep my f*ckin’ name out your brown-ass mouth,” he raps on the track.

Elsewhere on the track, Skillz reveals a conversation that he had with DJ Clark Kent about Uncle Murda taking his “Rap Up” concept and running with it. “He heard your version of my song / He told you you was biting and you knew that you was wrong,” he spits. “But not for nothing, you was trying to make it better / And trying to reach out to see if we could do it together.”

“I’m like, ‘Clark, n*gga, you must be faded / Why the f*ck would I collab on some sh*t that I created?” Skillz continues. “Y’all jaded, you don’t get the f*ck off my phone / And tell that old face ass n*gga leave me alone.”

“Sh*t lit my fuse / You wouldn’t call Hov and say, ’21 Savage wanna do ’22 Twos’ / N*gga, would you? The f*ck wrong with y’all? / Biting n*ggas, I could never get along with y’all / A song? Nah, straight curvin’ n*ggas / I wouldn’t even take a picture with Uncle Murda, n*gga.”