Lil Pump
via Instagram / Lil Pump

With 2017 in the history books, almost everyone made some New Year’s Resolutions, including Lil Pump.

After breaking out with his smash hit “Gucci Gang”, the rapper took to social media on New Year’s Day and vowed to give up Xanax.

“I don’t take xanz no more. f*ck Xanax 2018,” Pump wrote in the caption of a video of him dancing in a daze.

Pump previously celebrated the use of pill use, including Xanax, on the song “Molly”. “I’m off the Xans, I pour me some lean / I sell your mama some crack, she a fiend,” he raps on the song.

Also, when he hit 1 million followers on Instagram, he celebrated with a cake shaped like a Xanax pill.