After a successful film festival run, filmmaker Patrick Green delivers his graffiti short film, TAG.

Shot guerrilla style on the streets of Los Angeles, the short centers around a tagger, but not the stereotypical figure portrayed in the media.

“Every artist has that moment when they find their voice. It’s at that instant when you realize that ‘today’ is the first day of the rest of your life. Nothing and no one will stop you from expressing yourself,” Green said in a statement. “Graffiti taggers, street artists, urban contemporary artists, whatever you want to call them, want to be heard and if no one is going to listen, they’re going to make you see.”

TAG is a passion project that I’ve had in my mind for a couple years after coming across a tagger signing their name to a wall in my neighborhood,” he continues. “The anonymous figure was small, wearing a red hoodie and new sneakers. That image stuck in my head as I passed the tag in the morning, and I began to think about a person who would risk their lives to sign their tag name (not a gang sign) in a public space. I wanted to tell that story using a character that defies the stereotypical tagger that’s portrayed in the media. Although street art is now a big part of pop culture, it began as an underground act that gave a voice to the voiceless. As an Asian American artist myself who has struggled to be heard, I wanted the audience to see what we had to say, our point of view through a graffiti artist’s eyes, which is why we literally shot it in POV.”

Watch Patrick Green’s full TAG film in the video above.