Dancer Vandana Hart Shuts Down Nigerian Market With New Netflix Dance Series

Vandana Hart is a former UN advisor and professional dancer whose new Netflix show, “We Speak Dance”, drops worldwide on New Year’s Day. In anticipation of the show’s launch, she shared her favorite behind-the-scenes stories from filming with us.

Lagos is a crazy place. It’s the biggest city in Africa. 18 million people live on top of each other and this particular market might be the busiest place in the entire city.

You wouldn’t know from watching, but when Vandana starts dancing, the entire market stops to laugh at her. She told us, “You can’t hear it with the music, but when I join the guys to dance, the whole market laughs the loudest laugh I have ever heard. I have never been laughed at when I danced, but one of my favorite emotions is embarrassment and awkwardness and this moment had plenty.”

Vandana likes to get out of her comfort zone, but this was something else entirely — uncharted territory, which is hard to find when you’ve been around the world twice like she has.

We Speak Dance was filmed across five different countries, including Lebanon, Vietnam, France, Nigeria and Indonesia. It premieres on Netflix on Jan. 1.

Stay tuned for more from Vandana and sneak peeks from all five episodes. In the meantime, follow her on Instagram @vandanahart.