PUMA Introduces Suede 50 “Breakdance Cities” Pack

PUMA Suede 50 Breakdance Cities Pack

The PUMA Suede was a staple of b-boys and b-girls during the 1980s, as the culture bubbled all over New York. Thanks to its thick rubber soles, it had ample grip for dancefloors.

PUMA pays respects to the four most influential breakdancing cities worldwide — New York, Berlin, Paris, and Seoul — with this Suede 50 “Breakdance Cities” pack.

Each shoe is embossed with a graphic treatment that celebrates its respective city and has a matching team, bearing the city name.

The Suede Classic New York sports a plush orange suede upper and Formstripe, with blue lining, while sitting atop a thick white sole. The Suede Classic Paris keeps it clean with a blue suede upper, liner and Formstripe, also sitting atop a white sole. The Suede Classic Berlin is bold in a red suede upper and a black liner on that big white sole. Finally, the Suede Classic Seoul is done with a birch suede upper and liner atop that timeless sole. Each sneaker comes with classic fat laces.

The PUMA Suede 50 “Breakdance Cities” Pack drops Jan. 4 at select retailers and PUMA.com.