The Ball family made a lot of noise in the past few weeks, after LiAngelo left UCLA and he and LaMelo signed to a team overseas. This week, they stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk all things Ball.

Alongside father LaVar, the three talk about the family business, why the boys chose to head overseas, and more.

Regarding LiAngelo and LaMelo’s decision to play overseas, it was made as a family unit. “It’s definitely not an emotional move, because my boys are not like that,” LaVar said. “I ain’t gonna say its a strategic move. It’s a move that we made that nobody had control of, but us. Everybody’s stuck on ‘UCLA’s so good. Don’t pass up this opportunity.’ UCLA ain’t us. We can do what we want. Y’all can sit back and think how long… let them other guys sit back. Big Baller way, we move when we move.”

“I feel like it’s going to be cool. We just wanna play, so I wasn’t really worried about where it would be at. Lithuania or whereever, it’s cool,” LiAngelo said of choosing Lithuania.

Elsewhere, LaVar addresses the perception that he controls all three of his sons, something he says tcouldn’t be farther from the truth. “Everyone thinks I control my boys. No, I give them guidance,” he says. “What I mean by that is you don’t have to do nothing I say. If I say, ‘Let’s go this way. Good things will come for going this way’, but if you decide to go left, I’m cool with that. Don’t come crying back when things don’t work out your way.”

“I will give them advice, where I won’t let people take advantage of them. They too young to know all this. They young, they teenagers,” LaVar added.

Regarding LiAngelo’s shoplifting arrest in China, both addressed the incident.

“I just made a bad decision. That’s all. It just happened,” LiAngelo said, before LaVar added: “I don’t know why he did it, he don’t know why he did it. It was done. I ain’t raise him like that, but I’m not gonna jump on him like that. It’s in his mind, it’s up here for a while. When you steal anywhere, you in trouble. It’s wrong.”

And finally, LaVar was asked about President Donald Trump, who took credit for getting LiAngelo out of trouble in China. “I sent him some sneakers. Gave him three pair, let him know how we roll. Red, white and blue, let him know that we patriotic,” he said. “But, we had our guys out there with boots on. I don’t know what [Trump] was out there for originally, but they left riding our coattails. I’m not gonna thank nobody that I ain’t face-to-face with. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, they holding three Americans over there, let me go over there and see what’s up’. He wasn’t over there like that. You ain’t never met my son, and I’m supposed to say thank you?”