Hip-Hop Dominates Billboard Hot 100 Yet Again

via FuseBox Radio / Mary Nichols / CC-BY-2.0

Metasearch engine Orbitz recently released a chart showing which music genre have dominated the Billboard Hot 100 since 1957. Last year, hip-hop came in second place, accounting for 30 percent of the tracks on the chart, second to only pop, which accounted for 37 percent.

Hip-hop also made the highest jump in popularity, up 9 percent points compared to 2015, while pop climbed just 6 percent from the year before. The genre’s first peak year prior to 2015 was in 1994, when hip-hop held 21 percent of the spots on the Billboard Hot 100.

Multiple factors played into hip-hop’s current domination of the Billboard Music Charts. In 2014, Billboard allowed streaming to contribute to their chart positions, causing hip-hop to surge past rock from 13 percent in 2013 to 19 percent the following year.

However, Billboard’s new streaming rules may change the results of the charts in the future,  as free platforms such as YouTube and the ad-supported version of Spotify will count less toward their placements on the charts than Apple Music or other paid streaming services.