Nas Nicki Minaj 1980s Photoshoot
via Instagram / Nas

Controversy arose online this weekend, after Nas posted a pic of Nicki Minaj on Instagram and anointed her the “Queen of New York City.”

In a post on social media, the rap legend posted a photo of Nicki and wished her a happy birthday, while adding “QUEEN OF NY / HIP HOP.” The post has received both praise and criticism from Nas’s followers, while continuing to fuel rumors of a relationship between the two artists.

Nas also posted a snippet for Lil Uzi Vet and Nick Minaj’s “The Way Life Goes(Remix),” right after with a caption stating “BDAY Vibes.”


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So far fan reactions have been mixed, some such as @FlashySillah saying he’s “close to cancelling [Nas]”, while others such as @Blondebarbx seemed to defend the rapper, tweeting: “These old ass btches really PRESSED about Nas and Nicki Minaj… OVER A TITLE.”

Rumors regarding a relationship between the two artists have been circulating since at least May, after Nicki Minaj broke up with Meek Mill. During an appearance on Ellen, Nicki Minaj stated that the rumored couple had “sleepovers” together.

Ironically, female emcee Remy Ma released a diss track at Nicki Minaj over Nas’ infamous “Ether” beat, titled “shEther”. The song was eventually banned from commercial radio and digital streaming services, after Universal Music Group took action to have the track removed.