Hannibal Buress mugshot
via TMZ / Miami Dade Corrections

In the wee hours of Sunday morning (Dec. 10), comedian Hannibal Buress was handcuffed and arrested in Miami, after getting into it with a cop.

According to TMZ, around 2 AM, while cuffed, Buress repeatedly challenged Miami officers stating they had no right to both cuff him and force him into the car without proper justification.

In the video, the comedian is seen repeatedly asking the officers for the exact reasoning of his detainment, along with why he was being asked to get into the police vehicle. The officers then informed Burress that he was being arrested for trespassing

Miami Police tell TMZ that Buress was initially arrested for trespassing, but was eventually booked for “disorderly intoxication.” After much back-and-forth and a dramatic standoff, one officer walked to rear of the vehicle to pull Buress from the back, while the other began to use force and violently pushed Buress into the vehicle from the front as pedestrians walked by.

Buress was released around 6AM after he posted a $500 bond.