Q&A: KYLE Tells Us About His UGG Collabo & Its Influence On Him

via Footaction

During the Complexcon madness, little gems appeared here and there and one of our favorites was the new UGG x KYLE collaboration. You’ve got super duper hip-hop artist Kyle, behind the hit song “iSpy”, teaming up with shoe brand UGG. Being the latest ambassador, we had to get in a couple questions with Kyle on the new partnership and its influence on him growing up.

You just performed on the Pigeons and Planes stage, how was that for you?

I’ve never performed at ComplexCon before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I expected a lot of clout goggles and clout bags, but the crowd was actually surprisingly like very vibey. You can tell it was more of a grown crowd because they weren’t spazzing out and just chilling and snapping back.

Are there any other performances you want to catch before you leave?

I don’t know. It’d probably do a lot for my confidence to watch some Gucci Mane and really learn how to pipe it up. He can put on a show.

What about UGG attracted you to form this partnership with the shoe brand?

Growing up, I’m from a place called Ventura, California. It’s like a huge surf culture and there’s a bunch of white people who went surfing. I never learned how to surf, was never that good at it.. I mean I’ve done it, but I’m trash. Everybody out there, it’s like UGG is a very natural normal way of life almost. You might have your tennis shoes to go run track in and then you had your UGGs, your everyday shoe, that was casually cool. Not only was it a part of my life growing up, it’s something that makes me feel comfortable and dope at the same time.

Growing up, there was always the stereotypical image that UGGs were a female based brand and known to only be for girls. What are your thoughts on that?

I think from the outside looking in maybe. I can only speak from my own experience, but for me growing up, that was grandma and grandpa. It was everybody, from kids to adults and boys to girls, so we never saw it that way.

Are you working on anything with UGG from designing or production behind a shoe?

Nah I haven’t designed a pair of shoes yet, but I’d like to do that. I’d go with some pastel yellow on it, but other than that I don’t know.

You can check out KYLE’s UGG collection, as well as other UGGs for men, at Footaction.com.