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Looks like the feud between Migos and Joe Budden is still on, as the trio delivers a new track dissing Joe.

The trio teased a new song, while announcing their Control The Streets Vol. 1 project on social media… and they take at shot at Budden.

“If a n*gga hatin’, call him Joe Budden,” raps Quavo. “Had that n*gga mad ’cause your bitch f*ckin’.”

Takeoff then yells the ad-lub, “P*ssy!”


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After the clip began circulating on Wednesday (Dec. 6), Budden responded quickly on social media.

“Quavo want smoke ? Lol,” he tweeted. “Soon as it’s all peace he decides to unleash this lyrical venom in my direction… that’s crazy smh.”

He also tweeted directly at Quavo: “i am your OG & you will respect me as such.”

This follows an incident between Migos and Budden in June, while filming an episode of their Complex show “Everyday Struggle” on the BET Awards red carpet in Los Angeles.

While his co-host was wrapping up their interview, Budden threw his microphone on the floor and walked off the set before a minor scuffle ensued.

At the time, Budden said that he wasn’t happy with Migos from the start of the interview. “Migos get up there. They shady from the jump. They ain’t dappin’ n*ggas, they got attitudes. I’m like really?”

Aside from the track, Quality Control’s upcoming compilation, Control the Streets, Vol. 1, drops on Friday (Dec. 8).