American heritage brand Alpha Industries teams up with streetwear retailer RIME and Canadian artist EEPMON for this collaborative take on the popular MA-1 Flight Jacket.

When Susan Boyle of RIME met EEPMON, the two bonded over a mutual interest in the zodiac. Then, when RIME began carrying Alpha Industries’ MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Jacket, EEPMON saw a chance to collaborate.

Using Alpha’s reversible bomber as a canvas, EEPMON designed a fierce monkey portrait (his Chinese zodiac sign) on the light gold side and a wild lion portrait (Boyle’s astrological sign) on the dark brown side, this collaborative “East Meets West” MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Jacket was born. In addition to being reversible, the jacket features a laser-cut, mirror acrylic keychain with the edition number engraved out of 128.

The “East Meets West” jacket dropped exclusively at ComplexCon in November, and will now drop at RIME’s Brooklyn location (157 Smith St) and online on Dec. 9.