Black Santa Company Winter Wonderland Mixtape

The Black Santa Company, founded by former NBA All-Star Baron Davis, delivers their first holiday mixtape, titled Winter Wonderland.

The release consists of 15 new tracks, produced by Davis, alongsides associate producers Andre “Dre” Harris, Triangle Park Music and DUO, among others.

The compilation highlights the Black Santa Company’s colorful roster of Holiday-themed characters, with each character featuring on songs inspired by music greats

“In my life, especially given where I started, I have been unbelievably blessed with all I now have,” Davis says. “My desire going forward is to be a BlackSanta each day and give just as much back as I have received. It’s my greatest dream to see that spirit, the true spirit of Christmas, inspire people all year round to give of themselves to better their block, their community, and possibly the entire planet. Let us take the time to bless someone whenever we can, and through our good deeds, inclusion, and positivity, bring a little magic back to a world in need.”

The Winter Wonderland mixtape is available now at digital retailers.

You can listen to two cuts from the mixtape below.