Joyner Lucas
via The Come Up Show / CC-BY-2.0

Viral rap sensation Joyner Lucas took shots at rising Florida artist Lil Pump, with a remix of his breakout hit, “Gucci Gang”.

On the track, Lucas accuses Lil Pump and other “pill rappers” of being drug addicts, sell-outs, and “an embarrassment.

It opens by Joyner criticizing rappers who name drop products in their songs, with: “Gucci gang, Louis gang, Fendi gang, Dolce gang, ‘Sace gang, Prada gang, lot of gangs / I don’t really f*ck with no brand names.”

A few lines later, Lucas goes after Lil Pump directly by asking, “What’s a Lil Pump to a rocket flame?”

Afterward, during the song’s hook, Lucas states, “All you new rappers don’t be talking about sh*t, except doing drugs / Wonder how you got a name / Sippin’ lean, takin’ E, Percocets, purple drink, Xanax, everything sound the same, f*ck / Bunch of drug addicts in the house of pain, woo / Hope you n*ggas suffer till you pop a vein, yeah.”

Lucas attained viral success in November, when his music video for “I’m Not Racist,” dropped on YouTube. Since then, the video has been viewed over 9.1 million times on the platform and amassed over 620,000 likes.

Meanwhile, Lil Pump’s hit single “Gucci Gang” hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, while also being the shortest song to reach the Top 10 since 1975. As of press time Lil Pump has not responded to Lucas’ diss.

Watch Joyner Lucas’ “Gucci Gang Remix” below: