Nipsey Hussle Explains Atlantic Records Deal, Being Patient

Nipsey Hussle interview Power 106

It’s been a Q4 for Nipsey Hussle. Fresh off news of a deal with Atlantic Records and a release date for his long awaited debut, Victory Lap, the rapper is poised for a big 2018.

With all the news here, Nipsey sits down with hometown station Power 106 for a chat about all that’s going on.

He talks about his new partnership with Atlantic Records, explaining why he has remained indie over the years and buit up his resume before finding the right partner.

“We still indie. Nip is still signed to All Money In,” Nipsey explained. “Atlantic is partnering with All Money In for Nip’s next projects. So, it’s still an indie situation, because the way the deal is structured… the way we break up the money, the ownership, etc. But, we get the benefit of being serviced by the Atlantic Records machine.”

Elsewhere, Nipsey Hussle talks about his grind over the years, his business decisions, and why his team is so important.