French Montana
via Director Inspiration / Matt Alonzo / CC-BY-2.0

If you follow French Montana on social media, then you know he celebrated his 33rd birthday last month.

The New York rapper threw a birthday bash in Calabasas, where a woman is now claiming she was brutalized and raped.

TMZ has obtained audio of a 911 call from French’s birthday party by a woman who claims she was given drugs and then tossed her out of the house naked.

During the early morning hours of the next day, she called seemingly confused and struggled to tell the 911 operator where she was. First, she said it was Beverly Hills, before she began telling the operator she was going to send photos via text. Eventually, the operator got her to reveal that she’s in “Calabasas.”

In addition to being raped, the woman also alleges that she was punched and assaulted.

“We’re literally in Calabasas and we need help,” she says. “There’s too many Harveys (referencing Harvy Weinstein) out there. It’s not okay.”

The call lasts nearly 10 minutes and the woman claims it was French’s bodyguard who attacked her.

It’s unclear if an investigation is underway and/or if French Montana is facing charges. Stay tuned…