Aaron De La Cruz Lends His Unique Art For Range of HEX Bags

By Dante Castle  |  12/02/2017

Aaron De La Cruz x HEX

Aaron De La Cruz has never been one to color inside the lines. Ironic, given that his identity is intertwined with lines.

"Linear" is a term most people are familiar with, but De La Cruz lives it. His work is equal parts minimalist and thought-provoking. In the art world, sometimes less is more. Minimalism is the cornerstone of De La Cruz's work. Negative space is a tool if used correctly. From billboards to murals to backpacks, De La Cruz's art is unmistakable. "Geometry" and "patterns" are words that come to mind at first glance, but look deeper and there is something profound. Letters broken down to the root level and re-imagined.

A recent collaboration with HEX is a tangible window into the mind of a man who's dedicated his life to giving back to the community through public art.

"It's pretty easy as to why I felt that working with HEX was the way to go," Cruz said. "I had been a fan of the brand, and I appreciated how they held no reservation on what I wanted to do in terms of having the collection align with my current body of artwork. I wanted to explore texture, surface, and sculpture, allowing the audience to gain tangible access to what I do. I feel like we accomplished taking my art in 2 different and meaningful directions allowing me for the interactive user experience I was after."

here's another đź‘€ at the exile bags I did with @hexbrand. The inside of the bag have a orange lining too! Don't forget tonight is the release event at the HEX flagship in DTLA starts at 7pm hope you can make it and see you there! #hexplore #aarondelacruz

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Aaron De La Cruz x HEX

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You will find more questions than answers in De La Cruz's work, but such is the nature of art -- a catalyst for thought, discussion, and progress.

You can cop a bag, backpack or iPhone case from Aaron's collection with HEX at the brand's online store here.