Kevin Durant Explains His Tupac & Rick James Tattoos

Kevin Durant
via Game Face Photos / CC-BY-2.0

Remember that Tupac tattoo Kevin Durant got back in 2016?

Before that, most of his tattoos were strategically placed so that he would be able to cover them all with a shirt. However, after signing to the Golden State Warriors, he got tatts of Tupac and Rick James on his legs.

At first, KD said he got the ‘Pac tat because he was a big fan.

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Now, in a recent interview with Mercury News, Durant revealed there’s more to the Tupac ink than he initially said.

“Tupac was known for being woke, being politically incorrect, having a voice, and standing up for himself, standing up for what he believes is right. He expressed that in his music, he expressed that in interviews, he expressed that through his movies, through his artistic work. It’s way bigger than him being an artist or making a hot-ass song or having a No. 1 record. It’s that at that age, for you to be thinking about the stuff you were thinking about, at 22, 23 years old, and he died at 25, like…young people don’t think like that. So for him to have that type of mindset at that age he’s projected to be around, today he would’ve been like Gandhi, you know what I’m saying? Or like Nelson Mandela-type intelligence for our culture, our people, our voice as being from the neighborhood. He meant so much to having me just think a different way. From watching him, following his story, following every story I can.”

As for the Rick James tattoo. He had the following to say:

“Rick James personified freedom. He personified just being you, loving and caring for what you like, what you believe in. On top of that, every black family played the jams on the weekends when you had to clean up…anytime when it’s a weekend, moms, grandma, they played the jams, so Rick James was in the rotation. Every time I hear a Rick James song, it brings me back to my childhood. He’s a big piece of my life. In a weird-ass, crazy way, Rick James meant so much to me.”