Chanel West Coast once again gets into some drama at the club.

Back in August, she was arrested for fighting with security outside a Los Angeles nightclub, and apparently, she blew up on a security guard again this week.

While outside WeHo hot spot Poppy on Monday night (Nov. 27), TMZ (as usual) got footage Chanel losing her sh*t after a bouncer denied her — and her crew of 6 — entrance into the club. She tried to bypass the line with of Black Eyed Peas, but club security said no. He said he would help Apl, but told Chanel to go home. That’s when she went off on him.

Following the incident, Chanel took to social media to explain that the bouncer wouldn’t let all her friends in, and that’s what upset her.

The incident didn’t get physical, but Chanel hurled a number of insults the bouncer’s way… and loudly, all while cameras were rolling.

“Y’all think y’all the sh*t. That’s why you security. You’ll never be more than security. Weak ass b*tch,” she screamed. “You wish you could be a little white girl rapping, b*tch! You wish you could spit bars like me, b*tch! You wish you could be on TV like me, b*tch!”

“I waited here with seven hot girls for way too long, way too popping to wait to get in,” Chanel also added. “Poppy? It’s more poppin’ at my house, b*tch!”

She didn’t stop there though. Someone standing outside made the mistake of asking Chanel if one of her crew was Lil Pump. Once again, she lost it. “Lil Pump is not black!” she yelled. “If one more motherf*cker asks him if he’s Lil Pump, y’all racist. Lil Pump is not black. He’s black, so don’t f*cking ask him if he’s Lil Pump. Y’all racist and stupid. F*cking retards.”

Also, if you missed it, Chanel went off on Charlamagne Tha God back in June, during an episode of MTV’s Ridiculousness, when he called her music wack.