Naya Rivera mugshot
via Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office

Former Glee actress Naya Rivera was arrested Saturday night (Nov. 25) in West Virginia on domestic battery charges.

According to NBC affiliate WSAZ, deputies were called to a home in the Chesapeake area of Kanawha County for a domestic spat involving Rivera and her husband Ryan Dorsey.

Apparently, the couple were taking their child for a walk down the street, when they got into an argument. “Rivera allegedly hit Dorsey in the head and bottom lip. Dorsey did not require any medical attention,” deputies said.

Furthermore, Rivera was drunk during the alleged incident.

Dorsey had video evidence of the altercation with his wife, which he showed police, who ultimately decided to charge Rivera. “I don’t think that domestic violence is a one-sided problem where only men are aggressors and only women are victims. That’s not the case,” Sgt. Brian Humphreys said Sunday during a press conference. “Regardless of who commits a crime, regardless of their sex, race or their socioeconomic conditions, we’re going to try to arrest the person who committed the crime.”

“I can just say that there was enough in the video to corroborate the statement of the video and that was why the decision was made that was made. There was some independent corroboration for what he said happened.”

Rivera previously dated rapper Big Sean, who famously dropped a subliminal diss aimed at her on his 2015 hit single, “I Don’t F*ck With You”. On the song, he raps: “Yeah, and everyday I wake up celebratin’ sh*t / Why? ‘Cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy bitch.”

Following news of the arrest this week, Sean took to Twitter with another subliminal. He posted a video for a little girl saying, “I told ya”.

Rivera married Dorsey three months after she split up with Big Sean in 2014.