via DJ Fusion / FuseBox Radio / CC-BY-2.0

After blacking out on Cam’ron a day after Thanksgiving, with a track called “The Oracle”, Mase gets a reply… as Cam claps back with “Dinner Time”.

Produced by The Heatmakerz, the track finds Killa Cam delivers a slew of insults at the former pastor, while replying to the lyrics from “The Oracle.”

“I used to give you all my clothes, don’t forget you was bummy,” he raps. “I fed you when you was hungry, crash test dummy / But the shit he said next, I swear it ain’t funny / Said, ‘Cam, become a deacon, them deacons be getting money’ / That’s blasphemous, word to Jesus and Lazarus / You got bad karma, stay away, he hazardous.”

Later, Cam responds to Ma$e’s incest bar. “You done opened up a door / I’m petty, ready for war / I ain’t got a sister, only sister I f*cked was yours,” he raps. “So you gon’ tell me, when you was staying with Puff, and I came over there and used the bathroom, there wasn’t a dildo on the sink?”

Following the release of the track, Cam shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with Mase in the comments of IG. Mase wrote: “YOU STILL MY BROTHER IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE…This was just for bragging rights #mase #theoracle.”

Then, Cam replied: “yea this was fun.. u still my bro too. Glad I get to brag lol. So when u leaving Harlem again? 2mr?”

Mase later followed with a photo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, along with the caption: “Sometimes You Can Be Better Than Your Critics,” he wrote. “#Mase #theOracle Keep All Secret Love… If it’s real post it or don’t tell me about it at all.”