$100M Being Spent on Renovation of Seattle’s Space Needle

By Staff  |  11/27/2017

Seattle's Space Needle

Seattle's iconic landmark, the Space Needle, is in need of some repair, as it begins to show signs of age at 55 years old.

According to the L.A. Times, $100 million is being spent on the landmark to give it a much-needed renovation.

A makeover began in September, adding a feature that the original builders wanted: A walking-on-air glass floor in its revolving restaurant, SkyCity (currently closed) , at the 500-foot level.

Furthermore, the panoramic views will be expanded in the under-renovation observation deck above SkyCity. New floor-to-ceiling windows will be installed to offer more views of Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Seattle's Space Needle began as a sketch on a cocktail napkin. It took 400 days to complete -- called the “400-Day Wonder” by U.S. Steel -- and $4.5 million dollars, before making its debut during the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.

According to the report, the Space Needle welcomed its 45 millionth visitor in 2007 and averages more than a million visitors annually as the Northwest’s No. 1 tourist attraction.