via Shady Records / Eminem

Eminem discussed his highly anticipated Revival album this past week, which he says both Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin worked on.

During an interview on Shade 45, with Lord Sear and DJ Whoo Kid, the rapper appeared alongside Paul Rosenberg, Denaun Porter, and the Alchemist…. and talked music.

Em said that Rubin produced three or four songs on Revival and had “worked on a lot of the album” as executive producer, while Dr. Dre “mixed a few records.”

He then talked about his new, Beyonce-assisted single, “Walk on Water”, praising his collaborator. “Everything she does is so perfect,” Em explained. “But the pressures behind that, for her to do it so perfect—I felt like she could probably relate to that.”

He also praised “Walk on Water” co-writer Skylar Grey, calling her “one of the most amazing writers.”

Eminem also talked about today’s hip-hop, saying he appreciates how the genre has evolved. “Watching how some of us were able to watch hip-hop in its infancy stages, and watch it grow—all the transformations that it’s gone through to come to this day and age… The sound and the way people are playing with flows and shit like that, I can certainly appreciate it.”

And obviously, the rap icon also talked about his controversial BET freestyle, in which he disses President Trump. “I can’t stand that motherf*cker,” he said. “I was kind of waiting for him to say something [in response to the verse]. For some reason, he didn’t say anything.”