TIMEX & Staple Collaborate on Limited MK1 Watch

TIMEX x Staple MK1 Aluminum Watch

Iconic watchmaker TIMEX links up with renowned streetwear brand Staple for their first-ever collaboration.

The limited TIMEX x Staple MK1 Aluminum Watch is adorned with Staple’s iconic Pigeon logo branded on the dial. It comes in a black colorway, with Staple’s signature pink accenting the dial hands and strap.

The watch boasts an anodizeed aluminum case, a domed acrylic crystal and a nylon double layer slip-through strap.

“Keeping time has always been paramount to everything in my career. Sure, there are various digital ways to do this nowadays. But to me, there is something unique and timeless about keeping time on your wrist with an analog watch. And what is more timeless than TIMEX?” asks Staple founder, Jeff Staple. “They’ve been around since 1854 and they’ve been in my life since I was born, so they know a thing or two about being on time. It’s an incredible honor that my brand Staple can now collaborate with TIMEX, in our 20th year anniversary.”

The TIMEX x Staple MK1 Aluminum Watch is available now in limited quantities at Timex.com for $89 USD.