Navy pilot
via Cathy Smith / CC-BY-2.0

Oh man! This past week in Washington State, a U.S. Navy pilot took it upon himself to draw a penis in the sky.

The unnamed pilot obviously thought it was funny — along with many others on the internet — but his superiors did not.

According to reports, the pilot — who is stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, Washington — is in hot water after the stunt.

Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker told the Washington Post that the Navy will examine the issue fully and respond.

“The American people rightfully expect that those who wear the Wings of Gold exhibit a level of maturity commensurate with the missions and aircraft with which they’ve been entrusted,” said Shoemaker in a statement. “Naval aviation continually strives to foster an environment of dignity and respect. Sophomoric and immature antics of a sexual nature have no place in Naval aviation today.”