Kevin Durant Finally Addresses Rihanna Heckling Him During NBA Finals

Kevin Durant
via Game Face Photos / CC-BY-2.0

Remember when Rihanna heckled Kevin Durant during the NBA Finals from her courtside seats?

The pop star was caught yelling “BRICK” from the sideline as KD shot free throws. Later in the game, he nailed a three and stared her down as he ran to the other side of the court.

Well, Durant finally comments on Riri’s heckling in a recent interview with GQ.

According to KD, he couldn’t believe that Rihanna was even at the game in the first place, which reminded him just how far he’s come as an NBA player.

“Rihanna never came to my game before, unless we were in L.A.,” he said. “She didn’t come to a home game of mine before. Jay Z and all these people who come… that amount of attention for me is, like, you ever seen Hancock? You remember when he had to walk into that event and all these cameras were flashing, and he just didn’t know how to smile? That’s me sometimes. I get a little overwhelmed at that sh*t. Because, man, I can remember me cooking up as a kid by myself. Now millions of people are watching me play? That’s an adjustment, bro.”

Durant also talks about a number of other topics, including controversy he caused over the summer when he seemed to get caught using burner social media accounts, LeBron James’ influence on him, and more. Head over to for the full story.