KFC Sent EPIC Painting to Guy Who Discovered Their Twitter Secret

KFC Sent Painting to Guy Who Discovered Their Twitter Secret
via Twitter / @Edgette22

Back in October, a man on Twitter discovered something random about KFC’s Twitter account. It follows just 11 random people… but there was a reason why.

The 11 people KFC follows are: the five Spice Girls, and six random guys who are all named Herb. If you know KFC, then it may sound pretty familiar… because the company’s claim to fame is its secret recipe, which is made up of 11 herbs and spice.

Get it? Five Spice girls and six Herbs?

The man is a guy named Mike Edgette, and after he made the discovery public, KFC awarded him a special gift.

KFC sent him a custom painting of himself getting a piggyback ride from Colonel Sanders himself. And… in Mike’s hand is a fried drumstick. LMFAO!! SO DOPE!

According to Mashable, KFC also sent Mike 52 gift cards worth $5 each.