Remember the reports that Blac Chyna was launching a rap career back in August? Well, she’s serious.

In a recent interview with XXL, the model/reality TV star discussed her musical endeavor. “I want people to know that I am serious about this,” Chyna told the mag. “I want to show my progression and my growth and whatnot.”

According to Chyna, she has reached success in the worlds of reality TV and business, and deciding the next step was easy. “I told myself there’s two ways you can go with this. You either go music or can do acting. I’m like ‘Music, hello.’ I’m already around it, and most of the people, I already know them. So, it should be really easy for me.”

What will it sound like? Chyna says it will be a mix of a “little bit” of singing and rapping. “I don’t really want to put myself in a box,” she explained. “I just want my stuff to speak for itself. I just want people to not think that I’m just gonna go this one direction. I just want to blow they socks off.”

Although this will be her first forray in music, Chyna has some major artists in her sights for collaborations, including Gwen Stefani, Migos, French, Trey Songz, and Rihanna. “Rihanna is queen, of course,” she said. “She’s everything. She’s life. I just really like her style. She’s always been one of those people that shows growth. She’s never sat still and she’s beautiful.”

Next up, Chyna plans on releasing her debut single by the end of the year. Its unclear if she’s begun recording or not, so stay tuned.