via Instagram / Tyrese

As 2017 reaches the final stretch, these last few months have not been great for Tyrese Gibson. The Fast and Furious star’s online manners have been quite… well controversial.

Gibson first launched a raging beef with Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson over Johnson’s role in the franchise and reported spin-off movie. Then, he was tangled in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, over the custody of their 10-year-old daughter Shayla. If that wasn’t enough, Tyrese then posted an extremely uncomfortable video of himself weeping, begging to see his daughter.

With headline after headline blazing social media, the actor/singer finally posted an apology and “explanation” for his uncanny behavior in recent weeks. In it, the 38-year-old singer shares that he has been taking medication to aid the stress he’s been under, along with a photo of that said medication. He claims that the drug was the cause of his bizarre meltdowns.

“I want you guys to know that to this day I don’t drink, smoke or on any level do I do drugs………,” Gibson began.

“Because of this high stress and very traumatic experience I was advised then ultimately connected with multiple therapist and psychiatrist… and this particular drug that was suggested although maybe helpful to others had an adverse effect on me and this is the reason I had a complete meltdown online,” he continued.

Tyrese says the medication is out of his system and that he is on his way to normalcy. “I’m in the clear now, this is being flushed out of my system and I’m already to get back at 100%… this is my public apology a few I will make personally I’m so very sorry guys – please guys just know again this is not the Singer, actor this is Shayla’s father.”

He ended sharing that his lengthy post will not hurt his ongoing case with his ex-wife and the importance of seeking professional help when dealing with psychiatric medication.