Spider Loc Explains Why His G-Unit Debut Never Came

Spider Loc
via Instagram / Spider Loc

At the peak of G-Unit’s reign on the hip-hop industry, 50 Cent signed Los Angeles rapper Spider Loc.

With the departure of Game, the Compton rapper became the face of Fif’s G-Unit brand in Los Angeles and was even named the CEO of G-Unit West.

However, despite the buzz surrounding his career and the success of a street single called “Blutiful”, Spider Loc’s album never came. But why? In a recent interview with the Murder Master Music Show, Spider said the reason why he was shelved was a mystery to even him.

“It was somewhat of a mystery myself,” he said. “I was told in ’06 by Curtis himself that my album was completed… and he called me and let me know he was quite impressed [with ‘Blutiful’] and had a marketing plan that he suggested he was going to put behind the record. He never followed through. I donโ€™t exactly know why.”

“If you look at any G-Unit record that had any success, [50 Cent] had direct participation in them all. If he wasn’t performing on it, he claimed ‘writer’ on it. He serviced them to radio, put a budget behind the video,” Spider continued. “But, ‘Blutiful’ he had zero input what so ever. It was a record that I created, I produced, I shot the video that he offered up to me. As to why it would never manifest, it is a mystery to me.”

Inside of a major release, Spider Loc went the indie route, releasing a number of independent projects and mixtapes.

He’s currently prepping a mixtape called The Lost Tapes.