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Although Eminem has embraced some of the new generation of rappers, one sub-group within the genre he isn’t feeling. That’s the mumble rappers.

Fresh off the release of his new single, “Walk On Water” featuring Beyonce, the rap iconsat down with legendary producer Rick Rubin (who produced the track) and renowned author Malcolm Gladwell for the first episode of their new podcast, “Broken Record.”

During the chat, Rubin reveals that Em has become “frustrated” by the new era of “mumble rap.”

“They’d just been talking about the rise of mumble rap and there was something about that line, ‘I walk on water, but only when it freezes,’ that touched a nerve,” said Gladwell.

“So for him, it’s a little bit of a culture shock because there’s a new wave of hip-hop that’s not really what he’s about,” added Rubin. “He was just talking to me about how that felt. I could see he was frustrated by it.”

While Eminem isn’t exactly feeling the less-skilled rappers of today, he’s all about the legends. While calling himself a “student of hip-hop,” he praises several of the genre’s greats, including Tupac Shakur, Ice-T, N.W.A, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, JAY-Z, AZ, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Big L, and The Notorious B.I.G.

Elsewhere, Eminem talks about “Walk On Water”, calling it a “very moral song”.

“It’s mortality, not being Superman and what if I can’t come up with the best shit I wrote every single time?”

“Walk On Water” is expected to appear on Eminem’s forthcoming album, Revival, which currently has no release date.