iPhone X is the “Most Breakable” iPhone Ever, According to Test

iPhone X drop test

The reviews are in. The iPhone X is arguably the best iPhone ever released… but according to a new test, there’s quite a few downsides to the advancements.

SquareTrade put the new iPhone X through its usual breakability test and it didn’t fare well.

In the Youtube clip above, SquareTrade ran a series of tests to see just how durable Appleโ€™s $1,000 smartphone really is and whether itโ€™s worth the investment.

Tests included a face-down drop test, side and back drop tests, water dunk test, tumble test and a repairability analysis.

In the end, SquareTrade concluded that it is “The most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone, ever.”

With that said… do you feel the iPhone X is worth it?