Earl Sweatshirt
via Eli Watson / CC-BY-2.0

Earl Sweatshirt returned recently, dropping a project he produced in its entirety for elusive rapper Mach-Hommy.

However, if you want to hear, you’ll have to cough up more than $100 USD.

Mach-Hommy’s new Earl Sweatshirt-produced EP, Fete Des Morts AKA Dia De Las Muertos, has been released on Bandcamp for the random pricetag of $111.11.

If you’re waiting for it to drop on a streaming platform, its not gonna happen. Mach-Hommy tells Pitchfork that he has no plans to release the project for streaming. So, if you want to hear the six beats by Earl Sweatshirt, you’ll have to pay up.

Pretty steep for a digital project, right? If you are interested, head over to Bandcamp.