Apple Reveals New Series 3 Watch with Hermès

Series 3 Apple Watch with Hermès

French fashion house Hermès collaborates with Apple once again for this new version of the Series 3 Apple Watch.

Available in 38mm and 42mm sizes, the watch sports Médor handcrafted bands that come in both Noir Swift double and single tour varieties, respectively. Each strap is made of handmade leather from France, while pyramid-shaped studs that protrude on opposite ends of the bands.

Apple says the strap design is inspired by dog collars — one of the first objects produced by Hermès back in 1930s, before being adapted into a waist belt.

The Apple Watch Series 3 with Hermès Médor Noir Swift Leather in 38mm Double Tour or 42mm Single Tour will be available on November 14 at Apple retail stores,, Hermès Boutiques and