via The Come Up Show / CC-BY-2.0

Drake sat down with The Hollywood Reporter recently, where he discussed his plans in the film industry. During it, he revealed that he was a huge Harry Potter fanatic.

Apparently, the rapper is such a huge fan that he’s been trying to hunt down a first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which can go for as much as $160,000 USD.

Below is an excerpt from the THR piece where Drake makes the revelation:

“Yeah, I read them all,” he says of J.K. Rowling’s series, two tiny diamonds glinting from his front teeth as he breaks into a wide smile. I tell him I’m reading the series to my kids, and he immediately peppers me with questions, “What book are you on?” “Goblet of Fire,” I respond. “What part?” Then, as if to talk himself into the purchase, he says: “I should get it. My birthday’s coming up. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a treat.”

Drake’s birthday was just before Halloween. You think he got himself a copy?