Kim Kardashian-Approved Screenshop App Helps You Find Celebrity Looks

Kim Kardashian
via Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has teamed up with a new app called Screenshop, which helps you find the clothing you’re looking for.

With Screenshop, a user can upload an image (or screenshot) of any piece of clothing and the app will find similar-looking pieces at a variety of pricepoints.

The app aims to suggest affordable versions of clothing you spot on social media, whether from a celebrity, influencer or friend. It scans your photo and gives you options from a variety of stores, from afford boutiques to high-end fashion houses.

“It was just important for me to have something everyone can use,” Kim says of the new app. “High, low, every size — that was really important to me.”

The Screenshop app is currently available for iOS, with a beta version for for Android.