Kanye West
via Paul Cook / CC-BY-2.0

What!? Is Kanye West about to launch his own streaming service, as a rival to Jay-Z’s TIDAL?

According to reports, the rapper has filed documents to trademark “YEEZY Sound” under “streaming of music, audio, images, video, and other multimedia content over the internet”.

Kanye has not divulged any further information about what YEEZY Sound is all about, but its speculated that it could be his own streaming service… which would find him entering a market dominated by Apple, Spotify, Youtube and TIDAL.

This follows a dispute Kanye has with TIDAL, which prompted him to sever ties with the company… and could potentially lead to a lawsuit over alleged unpaid earnings. Kanye claims he’s owed more than $3 million from the company.

Jay-Z has come out and said that his personal issues with Kanye have nothing to do with TIDAL, but instead, come from Ye’s public calling out of him during a show last fall. “I don’t care about none of that,” he said. “It’s Kanye’s decision and has always been his decision. I’ve never held anybody back in my life from doing anything. You can’t name one time I hold people back. From what? I don’t do that. It’s not who I am. It’s nothing about business.”

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