Wiz Khalifa Unveils Cover, Tracklist for “Laugh Now, Fly Later”

Wiz Khalifa - Laugh Now, Fly Later

After announcing his Laugh Now, Fly Later mixtape last month, Wiz Khalifa has revealed the tracklisting and cover art for the upcoming project.

Due Nov. 10, the tape consists of 10 new tracks, with just one guest appearances from Casey Veggies on “Royal Highness”.

On the cover, Wiz smokes beside his girlfriend Izabela Guedes in a vintage location, while going shirtless.

“I’m about to put out a mixtape,” Wiz said in a recent “DayToday” episode. “I’ll be so sick though, ’cause that’s what the people want. They want that good music. They don’t care about nothing else.”

The mixtape comes ahead of Wiz’s upcoming album, Rolling Papers 2.

1. “Royal Highness” feat. Casey Veggies
2. “Letterman”
3. “Figure It Out”
4. “Plane 4 U”
5. “No Dirt”
6. “Long Way to Go”
7. “Global Access”
8. “City of Steel”
9. “Weed Farm”
10. “Stay Focused”