Watch Shaq Take on The “One Chip Challenge”

Watch Shaq Take on The One Chip Challenge

If you follow trends on the internet, a viral challenge making its rounds is the “One Chip Challenge.”

The challenge is a marketing campaign from Paqui Chips, who challenges people to eat just one chip… but not just any chip. It’s the world’s hottest chip, made from the hottest pepper in the world: the Carolina Reaper.

Famed NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal recently took the challenge on TNT’s Inside the NBA show, after making a bet with host Charles Barkley. “Chuck, I’ll bet you $20 USD I bite a chip, won’t even make a face,” Shaq claimed.

He tried it. Though at first it seemed Big Shaq did it, he started coughing and everyone in the room started to laugh.

Check out how it went down in the video above.