Thieves Steal More Than 300 iPhone Xs From UPS Truck

Apple iPhone X
via Apple

With tech hypebeasts lining up around the world trying to get their hands on the new iPhone X on its release date, some thieves beat them to the punch… stealing more than 300.

According to CBS SF, thieves in San Francisco staked out a UPS truck and grabbed a shipment of new iPhones, before they were delivered to Apple store at the Stonestown Galleria shopping mall.

While the driver was making a delivery at Macy’s, they broke into the truck and made off with more than 300 of the coveted iPhone X, each retailing for $999. With that said, the thieves got a load worth more than $300,000 in value.

Witnesses said they saw three suspects wearing hoodies exiting a white van, before breaking into the UPS truck.

The thieves are still at large, and police are currently investigating.