LeBron James went off for 57 points on Friday night (Nov. 3), leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 130-122 win over the Washington Wizards.

However, it was a unlike any other game the NBA legend has played… because he did so much in the post.

As pointed out by ESPN, James has never been a post player. Instead, he’s made a living off playing on the perimeter and creating on the move — a style he’s played since he was a young boy. It has also made him one of the greatest players ever.

But… how much better could LeBron be with a focus on posting up? He is ambidextrous, which would make him a dream post player, but he’s never embraced this part of his game.

James got interested in developing his back-to-the-basket game in 2011, when he spent time during the NBA lockout working with Hakeem Olajuwon. Though he’s improved on this over the years, it’s been slow.

Friday night, however, was different. He was 7-of-10 on post-ups against the Wizards, making it one of the greatest post-up games of his career. He made 14 baskets in the restricted area, the most of his career. And, he made 23 total field goals, also a career high.

LeBron finished the night with 57 points, the second most of his career, while also adding 11 rebounds, seven assists, three steals and two blocks over 43 minutes.

Interestingly, he only made two three-pointers.

Watch the highlights in the video above.