The Miami Hurricanes went viral in September, when fans first got a look at the team’s gaudy, blinged-out chain “Turnover Chain”.

Jeweler AJ Machado made it for the team over the summer, after defensive coordinator Manny Diaz came up with the idea to reward his players for causing turnovers.

Any time a defense player causes a turnover on the field, he gets to rock the chain in celebration for a short period. Now, the “Turnover Chain” is one of the most coveted pieces of gold in South Florida.

Its used a motivation tool for players, and its helped Miami garner a 7-0 record thus far, and become the 10th ranked team.

The “Turnover Chain” is a thick, 10-karat-gold Cuban link, which holes a massive “U” pendant that is filled with orange and green sapphire stones.

Watch the brief story behind the chain in the video above.