Conor McGregor Says He’d Beat Mayweather in a Rematch, Calls for UFC Ownership

Conor McGregor
via Instagram / Conor McGregor

Despite how easily Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor in their hyped boxing match back in August, the UFC star says a rematch would be much different.

While speaking with BBC recently, McGregor declared that he would “no doubt” defeat Floyd… if there was a rematch. “If we had a rematch? I would correct it. And I would beat him,” he said. “He’s retired, I’m not going to stay calling him out all the time — I’m going to leave him to it — if it happens, maybe it will, who knows? I would beat him. No doubt.”

Despite his confidence, McGregor says he hasn’t spoken to Mayweather since fight night, but left the possibility of a second fight open ended. “No, we haven’t spoken,” he said when asked. “I respect what [he’s done]. 50-0 — after the fact I was like … I accept [the loss] and just let him be. Maybe though. Who knows? We’ll see.”

For now, boxing will have to wait because Conor says the next time you see him fight, it will be in the Octagon. “The next [fight] will be a UFC bout,” McGregor said. “It’ll be a mixed martial arts bout, 100 percent. I will defend my lightweight belt, and then boxing is certainly an interest of mine, no doubt.”

When will he return to the UFC? That’s unclear, but when he does, McGregor is looking for much more than just a big payday. He wants a piece of the UFC.

During the premiere of his documentary Notorious in Dublin, he said the UFC has to “entice” him to return to action. “They’ve got to entice me now because I came from a billion dollar fight,” McGregor said. “They’ve got to entice me. I want equity. I want ownership. I want to be a true partner, similar in the way I was in the Floyd fight. I was a promoter and I was a fighter, and that must continue for me to continue.”

McGregor also added that he’s in no rush to return, because his money is “rattling around in the money counter machine.”

UFC president Dana White responded to McGregor’s comments, agreeing that he’s a star and deserves more. “Conor is the real deal and he’s a huge superstar, a global superstar, and we will get a deal done,” he told TMZ.