Bitcoin Hits Record High at Over $7K

via Casascius / CC-BY-2.0

Bitcoin’s epic rise in value continues, as the cryptocurrency reaches a record high of over $7,000 USD per coin.

According to TechCrunch, Bitcoin hit $7,140 on popular exchange Coinbase, up nine percent over the last 24 hours, but has since dropped to $7,075.

The is a big climb, because as of October 12, it was just $5,000 Then, on October 20, it hit $6,000 USD.

In the past year, Bitcoin’s cost per unit surged. It hit the $1,000 mark on New Years Day, before climbing to $2,000 in late May. In August, it took off, climbing to $3,000, then $4,000 mid-month.

Bitcoin price surge
via TechCrunch

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