Wendy Williams gave the world quite the scare on Halloween, when she literally collapsed to the ground during the taping of her live show, The Wendy Williams Show.

Dressed as the Statue of Liberty, in honor of the spooky holiday, Williams was beginning another segment on her show when she became extremely uneasy. As she was in the middle of a sentence, the 53-year-old host began to stutter and become slightly unresponsive before stepping back from her podium. Her legs became wobbly, and as she raised her hand to her head, she passed out moments later.

According to TMZ, right after the fall, the producers immediately cut the show to black and followed with a commercial as they rushed to tend to Williams.

Many started to take to Twitter with their concerns after the video started to rapidly spread.

While fans, viewers, and social media consumers waited in slight fear, the show returned with a responsive Wendy explaining that she was immensely overheated from her costume, but was okay.

There are no reports about what her possible condition could be. Whether signs of a stroke, or just possible dehydration, it is still unclear on what caused her to collapse. However, Williams was well enough to finish the rest of the show as usual.