Damn! Omarion Performed for a Nearly Empty Show

via LukeFord.net / CC-BY-2.5

After garnering success in 2014 with his hit “Post To Be”, Omarion has had issues getting a release for his fifth album, Reasons. Apparently, he’s also having trouble getting fans out to his shows.

During a recent show in Namibia, South Africa, Omarion performed for a nearly empty venue.

Why? Well, a number of reports said that Omarion was scheduled to appear at a press conference, but did not show up. His manager ultimately called and said the singer couldn’t make it, citing “exhaustion” after a lengthy flight.

So, instead of fans showing up, Namibians boycotted his performance… and almost no one showed up when Omarion was set to hit the stage… as revealed in the imagery below.

Phil Mphela, a South African entertainer, called the boycott an example of the “Namibian press, influencers & people” teaching Omarion “a lesson. DONT DISRESPECT US!!”

Despite how it looked, Omarion posted a video from the event… and it looked like he had enough fans that a few ladies rocked with him on stage.