While Supreme has become a massive powerhouse among hypebeasts and trend followers, everyday folk aren’t aware of the hype surrounding the brand. One of those people is comedian/UFC personality Joe Rogan.

During a recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, he was shocked by the type of products Supreme releases and that people actually line up for it.

“What is Supreme?” Rogan asked, before he’s told its a streetwear brand. “And, people wait in line for bricks?”

“These f*ckin’ kids today,” he continued. “This is what happens when kids don’t go outside. They don’t play. They don’t play sports. They stay at home. They just play video games.”

When shown some of the products from Supreme’s hyped accessories line, Rogan was even more shocked. “Jesus Christ, they have fire extinguishers?” he reacted. “I don’t understand. Why is everybody buying this? What is the big deal about Supreme? I wasn’t aware of this. I thought it was just a T-shirt.”